Ancient Olympia Guided Tours by Georgia

A knowledgeable licensed tour guide who can make your visit to Olympia a memorable one!!!

About me

Born and raised in the heartland of the ancient Olympic Games, in Ancient Olympia, I became passionate about  the history and the culture of Greece.  I studied History and Archaeology at the National University of Greece. When I graduated, I taught younger students and adults the language and the history of Greece in public and private educational institutions.

I continued my studies at the National University of the Aegean, and got the certificate of English speaking professional licensed tourist guide.  Nowadays I work as a tourist guide mainly in the Ancient Site and in the Museum of Olympia as well as other local archaeological places. In this way I am able to share my passion and knowledge for the culture of Greece with my guests.It fascinates me to take visitors to the province of Elis, showing them its beauty!

! Your tour guide is licensed  if he or she wears the badge provided by the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

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