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Georgia – Your Professional Local Tour guide at Olympia, Greece

Join me in the following tours:

Classical tour

Archaeological Site & Museum

Meeting at: The Ticket Office/Kiosk of the Archaeological site.        Duration: 2,5 hours.

For you who travel on your own meet me at the Site and let me show you all the ancient “treasures” in Olympia. With me by your side, learn about its glorious history.

Olympia is a universal place protected by Unesco, where the first Olympis were held and the Olympic spirit was born. Visit a sacred place, see the ruins of the imposing temple of Zeus and the temple of his wife,Hera. In modern times the Olympic Flame is lit in front of Hera’s temple to end up to the host city of the modern Olympics.

Together we will see the sport structures and,of course, the stadium, where the Games were held for 1200 years. In the stadium you may experience a foot race and feel like an ancient champion while running in the same field. If you are a winner, you deserve to take your own price, an olive wreath, the ultimate price for the ancient greek athletes!

After a 5 minutes walk visit the Archaeological Museum which houses one of the highest concentrations of masterpieces that were found buried in the site.The highlights are the huge sculptures of the pediment of the temple of Zeus, the statue of Hermes -the symbol of beauty- ,the statue of Nike and the majestic helmet of Miltiades.The latter stands to remind us of one of the most important battles in the world history, the battle of Marathon.At the end of the tour you may enjoy some free time in the modern town of Olympia. Food, soft drinks are available and souvenirs to purchase.

Kid's friendly tours

Site + Museum + Archimedes’ Museum +or Local beach

Duration: 5 to 6 hrs

Children often feel bored when they only have to listen to a tour guide. They need to activate themselves, to feel a part of the great history of Greece. Here is the best things to do in Olympia with kids.

1. Find the treasures!      

Discover the ancient “treasures” in the Site and the Museum. Fill out questionnaires and learn about  how the ancient Greeks used to write. Run a race in the stadium, create your own crown, the olive wreath of Hercules, which will be the price for your effort!

2. Visit the Archimedes museum and play interactive games!    

Admire the great inventions of Archimedes and other mathematicians of the ancient times. See the base of the modern computer and the first robot! Watch videos and find out how the machines work! It is worth visiting this museum, especially those of you who love mathematics. You will be excited!

3. Have fun on the sandy beach!       

Your vacation will not be complete if you don’t spend some time on some of the beaches of one of the longest coastlines in Greece. Most of the beaches are family friendly, awarded with a blue flag designation. Enjoy your swim, play on a sandy beach and enjoy a juice on a very well organised beach.

Shore Excursions

Guided tours to Olympia from Katakolon

Katakolon is the port of the region, a popular destination of the cruise ships. It is 25 miles away from Olympia.

Descriptions: If you travel by cruise ship, our tours take 5 to 7 hours and are available in English. Transportation is by air-conditioned private car, mini bus, or taxi, depending on the size of your group. The tours start from 45.00 € per person. Children under 12 pay a discounted price and infants under 3 are free of charge.

For you who travel on your own, consider that the tours below last one hour less.

Archaeological Site & Museum and a walk by the River (Click here)


Do you search for a peaceful place away from big crowds? Follow me to an idyllic river. …   (Duration: 5 hrs)

Archaeological Site & Museum and a local winery (Click here)

For wine lovers, visit one of the best wineries in Greece and taste the local varieties. …  (Duration: 5,5 hrs)

Archaeological Site & Museum and olive farm (Click here)

Do you love the Mediterranean diet? Visit a local olive farm and enjoy a nutrient – rich meal … (6 hrs)

Archaeological site & Museum and a local beach.(Click here)

Do you want to enjoy the crystal waters of the Ionion Sea? Enjoy yourself on a fine sandy beach. … (5-6 hrs)

Visit Olympia options

One day tour to Olympia (Click here)
Visit Olympia from Athens

Olympia in a low cost exploration (Click here)

For budget minded travellers

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