Olympia and the winery

After our guided tour we shall leave Olympia and after 30 minutes drive we will be in the Mercouri estate, one of the first wineries in Greece after the greek liberation. The winery is known not only for its wines of supreme quality but also for its magnificent location. This is the area where the Refosco grape was first planted. The estate was made in 1884, and in 1990 it was rennovated.You are invited to experience the beauty and charm of the vineyards, to see the old and the modern facilities and also to taste the wine brand accompanied by snacks of feta cheese, local hard cheese (graviera), salami and rusks.After an hour in the winery we will be back at the port in 10 minutes.Another winery is also recommended , very close to Olympia. The owners are destinguished for their hospitality and friendliness. They will tour you to their facilities and then give the chance to taste several kinds(!) of wine of their production.

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